Diagnostic Assessments

Understanding your child’s needs through regular assessments conducted by the industry experts.

What Is a Diagnostic Assessment?

A diagnostic assessment is a test conducted with a psychologist to create a care plan. Once your child has been diagnosed with autism, an initial assessment will establish a baseline of information about their progress, needs, and abilities. Regular assessments also give us metrics for tracking progress, understanding development, and measuring goals.  

How Does Diagnostic
Testing Work?

A diagnostic assessment helps you and your child’s treatment team understand your child’s current abilities and needs. At Waypoints, we prioritize learning skills and accomplishing goals, so we conduct an assessment to identify the current baseline for your child, as we seek to teach the tools they need to succeed.

Diagnostic testing is done by a psychologist; at Waypoints, they’re done by masters-level psychologist.

Diagnostic Assessment

Learn More About Our Diagnostic Testing Services 

At Waypoints, we’re committed to equipping children, youth, and their families with the tools they need to navigate life skillfully after an autism diagnosis. Diagnostic testing is the compass that guides this journey. 

To learn more about our approach, what sets our services apart, and what to expect when you work with our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our ABA services are covered by Medicaid in Ottawa and Kent Counties, Michigan. We also accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, and out-of-pocket payments. (For more information about self-pay pricing, please contact us.)

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