In-Home ABA Therapy and Skills Training

Empowering autistic children and youth to develop the tools they need to navigate life skillfully.

What Is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses empirically-validated procedures based on positive reinforcement to improve communication skills, social skills, memory, self-advocacy, and more. The goal of ABA therapy is to understand why a child behaves as they do and help them gain the skills they need to integrate effective options in their day to day lives, ultimately helping them reach their goals.

Using ABA, children can gain more interest in the world around them, communicate more clearly, express their wants and needs, and reduce self-harm.

Additionally, ABA is a language that families can bring into IEP meetings to teachers and other professionals and can help improve understanding of and support for your child. An ABA framework can be used to communicate your child’s needs across a wide variety of platforms in a way that professionals will accept, allowing you to move forward more skillfully.

How Does In-Home ABA Therapy Begin?

While the type of services your child receives will be unique to them, your pediatrician will usually recommend a diagnostic assessment from a trained and certified professional. Once you understand the scope of your child’s needs, you’ll work with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to create a plan based on those needs as well as your child’s age, challenges, and goals. Then, they’ll work one-on-one with a team of Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and a supervising BCBA to learn skills that help them reach their goals.

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What Makes ABA With Waypoints Different

Waypoints is a company run by BCBAs who want change in the field of behavior-analytic autism services. To do that, we listen to what autistic people have to say about how they receive services and what they need from ABA. We work with highly educated and extensively trained individuals, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of professional services. We’re constantly refining our approach based on the latest empirical literature to ensure our clients get the best outcomes possible.

How Waypoints’ ABA Therapy Services Stand Out

There are many different perspectives surrounding an autism diagnosis. Some organizations view it as a tragedy; others suggest that ABA is the only path to a “normal” life. We believe that autistic individuals are happiest and healthiest when they are most themselves—not when they are trying to be “normal.” Our goal is to empower them to set and achieve their own goals, and to be able to advocate for themselves throughout their life. We commit to the neurodiversity movement in embracing what makes them unique individuals.


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Our ABA therapy services are covered by Medicaid in Ottawa County, Michigan. We also accept Priority Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and out-of-pocket payments. (For more information about self-pay pricing, please contact us.)

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