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Ethical, Effective ABA Services for Autistic Children, Youth, and Their Families to Develop Skills for Life

Skills for Life

We Help Clients Develop Skills for Life

We believe that when people are in a safe environment that accommodates their needs, they grow more confident in their ability to express themselves, learn skills, and connect to the people around them. By creating that environment, we help to teach people communication, social, and self-advocacy skills that improve their quality of life. 

We accept Medicaid in Ottawa and Kent Counties, as well as Priority Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and out-of-pocket payments.

The Behavioral Services Team That Puts Children and Families First

An autism diagnosis can provide families and individuals with vital information about accessing the services they need in life. At the same time, we also acknowledge that it can also be confusing and even frightening to navigate.

At Waypoints, we believe that autistic children and their families deserve the tools and support they need to thrive—and it’s our mission to equip families like yours with those critical tools and supports. The road ahead might seem difficult, but together, the journey will feel less like being lost, and more like finding waypoints on a map.

Children and Families First

What Is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of science that focuses on creating environments that support learning. We use ABA as a skill-building resource; it should not be thought of as a magic solution to any challenge. Using this approach, ABA helps us pinpoint the precursors to a child’s actions so that we can begin to understand the cause and use positive reinforcements to help autistic children and youth self-advocate. This includes language and other essential life skills based on their goals.

The Waypoints team is uniquely composed of highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) who work with children to help them achieve their goals. Our team takes a person-centered, ethical approach, ensuring youth and families alike get the support they need to navigate an autism diagnosis, and everything that comes next.

“Each interaction affects not only a learner’s immediate behavior, but also their future. When you embolden a shy learner, inspire an interested learner, or encourage a creative learner, you not only equip them with opportunities for a better life, you contribute to a better, more positive society for all.”

– Julie S. Vargas

About Our Team

Waypoints is proudly run by doctoral-level BCBAs – the highest level of certification in the field of behavior analysis. We help autistic children and their families learn skills to lead to fulfillment based on their personal goals.

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